• Catered Amends

    A story on the heels of errors from past generations with a surprising twist of intrigue involving abandonment, death and detectives, deceit and affection, and ending in a surprising development of love through catered amends.

  • The MUFI Alternative

    A law firm comprised of three partners seizes an opportunity to impact juvenile lives after they commit criminal acts. Two male partners and one female comprise the firm. They welcome her to the world of romance; with the effect snowballing into the lives of two juvenile couples they ultimately become responsible for saving.

  • The Life and the Lesson

    A young man ventures into an area and eventually became so infused by the glitz of the life he was leading that he metamorphs into a man of social addiction and transforms into a personality only his brother knows is trouble.

  • The Lion and the Liar

    A family man, Benny Good, opens his life to Taverns that started showing up,one by one, in the dim of nights. He found himself transforming into a "straying husband", as he basked in many nights of dim lights, drinks, seductive music, magic...and dancing.

  • The Panhandler

    The Panhandler is a fictional account of events affecting a man after losing his job. In the story he makes two decisions, one that brings him luck, and one that takes him to an unusual end.

  • The Orchards

    The Orchards, a poetic reckoning of society takes notice of destruction going unchecked.