Galaxy Chess: It's a story you want to read and you will really want to see what happens next.

It will steal your interest and imagination with its surprising developments.

Galaxy Chess.


Galaxy Chess is ready! Get ready for a merry-go-round of emotion because it has everything from villains to romance. Thanks to each and all for taking a look at my stories and checking out my website. Get ready to enjoy!


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GALAXY CHESS - is nearly ready.

EXCERPT: “Keep in mind Duber has made himself and Vildareaux part of a team. Stay the course. It’s like Galaxy Chess, when you make the best moves you win, but remember Duber’s tricks are endless, he knows the game.”

Galaxy Chess is a fiction story that tells you about a planet in trouble called Androecium that has fallen because of the actions of its inhabitants. A whirlwind of revelations to save it from the bad intentions of two rogue elders out in the universe evolves from a small sect: a computer genius and his girlfriend, his sister, his brother, his sister’s boyfriend, and the Chief of Police of their city.

It is a piece of fiction that takes you across the arenas of real life and real life possibilities, real life things to think about, but for that which is most disturbing, we can be happy it is just fiction.


The Poem

What makes a great poem great
Something said from the heart and mind
Spoken to particular spirits
Something felt, something done
Something needed, something failed

Vibes, happiness, pain, and insanity unseen
Craziness called something else
Different, deep, sensitive, serious
Something not understood
Fractions of mental plotting unscaled to reason

Points measured, start, middle, end, and beginning
Inadequateness and inconsistency of the heart’s truth
Cries for life missing its wholeness
Feelings and vibes fueling uncaring
Imaginary meanings for what is not true

Privacy exposing the unknown
Knowing the secrets of all means nothing
Figmented by those that don’t care
Crying bearing no tears
Weeping becoming howling

Louder than soft and soft never heard
Unexpected fated scenario products of lacking
Concern causing exposure
Dodging out in the open
Escaping relative to skill

Knowing what is hidden is unknown
Life scales to a point on a line
Degrees not always good
Unknown for what it is
Until it becomes something celebrated

Something noble always consoling
Worth and effort brings its promise
Time brings the future past yesterday to another era
With no need to look back
Tomorrows will come without choice


UPDATE: Galaxy Chess Story near ready



Wings tiredly flapping about
Surveying what is wrought to pain

Upholding the limping wounded
Wings fold to cover the hurt

Wings of guarded posturing
Avoiding the crumpling hurt

Good is in the dew drops
But tomorrow brings rain

Thunderous electric striking
The threat to next day’s living

Denounce acts of heated terror
Scotching feathers painfully spiteful
Look for what eyes are trained to know
Past the inclement storms that clouds view

Tears lie in waiting
The humanizing ways
Sunshine saves the day
Stretching across the land and cratering the spirit
Spirit gold, spirit good, continuing the path


A Rose’s Interlude

Path along a journey
Thistles along the way
Prickly trails bringing scratches
Colors beneath thistles too pretty for gloom
Steely rigid beneath tangled vines
Grey and dreary along the trail
Parting walks sideways to straight
Journeys into each new hour
Paths into still minutes escapes into time past
Straight to sideways voyaging bent
Journey without choice
Shun the howls escape from raven’s prey
Choices undiluted into additions
Forward to turning back
Squelch the vine or scream
Climb ahead or crawl away
Bottom to summit a petalled surprise


If you are looking over this site for the first time, thank you so much for being here. If this is not your first time being here, I thank you doubly. I have worked and re-worked Galaxy Chess to sheer exhaustion. I must say having taken up the quest to become a novelist has been quite challenging especially at this time in my life. I had hoped to have Galaxy Chess up by the first of the year but I’m behind schedule. Please visit again as I’m certain it will be available within, or by the end of March, 2015.



If you like any of my work, you are going to love Galaxy Chess – It's almost ready, I’m nearly done; keep watch. Thank you.


Compulsion to Care

Viewpoint has a hold on every subject one wishes to consider and its tentacles are universal, everywhere, admittedly or not, respected or defied. It is real offering mental positions after ones viewing and judging of that which should exist ostensibly and essentially as genuine. Thinkers take your tentacles away. Fear is me over your repeatability and unchanging nature, as time commands conversion, your tentacles flounders around often not applicable for the whole of hearts and souls. It is personal relevance that yields command reminding we must be universal at least, if, or when not right, a good aim is to always to be real.

When we fail to realize your division-whole, we neglect to bear the essentially known. Whole is one of something specified that is specific to all the spiritual principles of souls bringing a greater peace in unity, and united in universal inclinations. Fear is me over your declining nature affecting the universal base that inclines your neglected pride predicating disruption, shadowing every member of the rightful march.

Real is fact to what it means. Its applicability to negative is to be feared; real dope, real mad, real hateful brings about scenarios of real concern. It is better when aligned with fact and truth actual to life. As fact and truth pertains to life, real needs to not be proven or even mentioned, as it is duly present, it resides in real life scenarios deputized as protection. Fear is me over a baffled spirit sometimes reveling itself too excessive in a gloated presence eternally persistent toward the nature of un-rightness inherently elusive and defined by different minds and spirits.

Real is too often defined by the absence of what is needed, an absence disputable to sight and mind. As real associates toward the positive; real love, real experts, and real caring, these are obvious scenarios that inclines toward real, not imaginary, and real in its addition should bring sums to properties incorporating universally what is always needed. Fear is me over the absence of real, it will be baffling if it ever becomes a deed far away from the realm of universal; but as it remains, there is no hiding its reveling prevalence.

Real hope brings about the best hoped for; if there is no real, hope is void. It is newsworthy to know real persists, is profoundly accurate, exist without choice, is truly what it is categorically, within the mind and is worthy of taking a chance on. Fear is me when real does not take you to the heart of the matter and what becomes the heart is not real. Real inspiration is knowing real spurs better scenarios than often considered and brings greater confidence too. It feels different to the touch, and touches one differently and counters the false.

At end: It exists independently, needing no support, its zone is blanketed and vacuumed tight. Real is real and nothing less except if not associated as such. Its relevancy needs no definition never to be differentiated or qualified. Dispensation adds realization; it touches forces causing distinction. Real dispenses toward the senses allocating them all. It offers sight and sound, things to feel, see touch, hear and even smell. Fear is me when there is contestability opposing fact where there is questioning of what it really is when it is truly real?


Dear Reader,

I’m sorry I took Galaxy Chess down. I hope to have it released and up again for your reading pleasure by or before the holidays. After becoming improved, my review uncovered many errors. It has been like good news, bad news. Anyway, you are going to like it when I finish my corrections. It represents my transcending toward better stories and writing. Thank you for checking me out again. Remember, I write for your moments of relaxation and comfort; don’t forget to take your moments.

In parting be reminded to respect the ebook, but let’s keep the book, bookstores, and paper libraries. Thanks again.

Best wishes, enjoy life, arrivederci.


Galaxy Chess is closed for review; keep watch for the re-opening.


Galaxy Chess

Coming soon for your entertainment, a game originating in space determines the fate of planet Androecium.



Remember when you were little
You were told to come inside before dark
You stayed out not minding the words or your manners
Resisting and rebelling overflowed the dormancy
Of your good upbringing
You disobeyed for a good time

Not knowing where you were headed
You pursued a trail of thistles to dead ends
You were yet saved
You didn't realize it at the time
It was that mapping voice the led you the way
Some thoughts of reckoning revealed the truth
It was only after a wrecking contest and cutting you leg
You relented and cancelled your rebellion
Crowned and went home instead
Feeling tired and wearily
You knew home would take you in

Not chancing it any longer
You ran from the streets
You missed falling but re-injured your leg
It was then that you remembered home and bed

Thanks for intervention although you didn't know
The scrape above your foot was the injury that made you clean
You were redirected from the deathly highway that led you away
Returning you back to the rightly trail
Yet wounded put you close to that main route artery

Blood dripping everywhere is what saved you from the morrow
It spared the invisible whip too
Mama wrapped it and cradled you to path
To sleep you lay awake
Dad said nothing as he sat framed on his own mantel piece

You didn't want dinner and you didn't eat it tomorrow
You only wanted to rest your head
You lay down in your contracted existence
At least with comfort knowing the lease would never cancel
You rested your care and your attitude too

Through the night surprisingly and unpredictably
The medical journal defined you
And blessedly coagulation kept you
Safe by hands you knew not
In the morning the reality of your sanctity
Became a sign you realized
When you bumped that leg again
Blood went dripping sending you to the stitchery center

It was only when you saw the face of the doctor
You knew your error
Resistance had brought you close to rot
Why didn't you bring him at first
One more inch and no coagulation
Death would have claimed the bleeding
After claim no stitchery or mending
Could stake reclaim to a future

Returning to resisting the care and lectures wrought
On a pretty morning once again
You took no notice of parents
You defied the trail
Resisted your Manners and skipped tutelage
You detoured abating the guiding rule
You and John and Lizzy Sue

You thought it was the craziest thing
When you looked at John diving in
You wonder if even John knew
He did not have the keys to life that offered
Two possibilities sink or swim

Lizzy Sue cried so much
You ended up going to tutelage elsewhere
Nobody at Ne Hi could get you to break the rules
You did no harm
Teachers and staff praised you unknowingly
Your mother rested and invited your dad
Come praise him
They both with mentoring words unlike before
Guided you imminently to your deservedly trail


Galaxy Chess

His silver colored hair matched his robe. He had on pink makeup; if you know anything about tribunal dress you know his pale makeup does not match the strength and power of his dress. His seamstress use of it is intentionally deceptiveness; it decidedly causes his Authority Cape to look more powerful. His seamstress’ method to elevate his posture above the other elders appears achieved. The others know the position of Chief Elder has gone to his head and know it was a position that was due Zagaber and can’t figure out why he wasn’t awarded it.

Galaxy Chess
Awaiting publication


Reading: No matter how old the book, it's never old fashioned

Epic Considerations

Running against the wind
Ends and beginnings
On the heels of epoch
Time on your tail
Life is essential
Live it gallantly
Give no time to turpitude
Hold the past accountable for your future
Stay mindful the years imminently awaits embracing
Be not dismissing, time is indeed a factor to consider
Every period brings issues
Each years’ subjects concerns you and me
All days arrivals are yet ours at end


My name is Gloria Adams. I write to develop characters and I explore the life situations of those characters in each story. I often get caught up in the personalities of those I create and often cannot wait to see what happens next. I suppose that speaks something about my own character. The power of creativity goes beyond ones imagination. I‘m simply a creator like you. I generally engage short commuter stories aiming to present them as interesting, quick and easy to read; they generally have a philosophical theme and sometimes a funny theme also. I believe my stories crosses bounds and captures the interest of any reader. In each story I attempt to seize and communicate a feeling of something indicative to the reader’s own disposition. I continually work to engage the character –to- life; they are people you know, have met, or will encounter.

Remember, life is to be fulfilling. Have a Wonderful Time,
Best! Gloria Adams